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18 Years in Action


The vision of the Raleigh Community Development Corporation is to provide outreach support to Raleigh and surrounding communities.


The mission of the Raleigh Community Development Corporation is to provide HELP to citizens in overcoming poverty, while building and maintaining a strong, vibrate and healthy community.

Our Focus

The focus of the Raleigh Community Development Corporation includes:

  • developing and supporting job creation and retention efforts.
  • enhancing the availability of products and services and home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income residents.
  • providing training, technical assistance and consultation to targeted populations.
  • the creation, development and expansion of small businesses.
  • providing multifaceted community development housing programs, projects, and initiatives designed to encourage and promote an array of targeted services that will respond to the many problems confronting low to moderate income communities, with a special emphasis on the elderly and the physically-challenged . . .
  • disseminating information regarding health issues, housing, and employment opportunities; and to provide routine and specialized training, technical assistance and opportunities to the community at large.

Our Leadership

People who aren’t special by their skills, but they are truly special by their heart.


Rhonda Logan

Executive Director




As the director of Raleigh Community Development Corporation she has developed profound relationships with community partners, organizations, churches, businesses and schools in the District 1 area. She advocates for economic development in our communities, educational advancement in our schools, and social empowerment to the constituents of District 1; from campus cleanups at our schools, to supporting community days with local non profits, and developing partnerships with local banks to improve the financial statuses of local businesses in the area.

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